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Nike Sportswear: Blazer Mid Outdoor following Pack, unveiled a new style with 2012 spring sale. This double Lava Dunk Hi Dunk Hi Lava Dome fusion and two pairs of shoes classic design elements, with more than a suede uppers, D lace holes to special work boots unique ring for details, there are a camel and dark green two styles. The two Lava Dunk Hi are expected to be released in spring 2012, and shoes fans who want to start may need to pay attention. Download (77.15 KB) black Friday is coming, how crazy at the shopping festival will less in the limelight Air Huarache this year in the city of shoes? Recent news shows that a cool grey and a brown color will be added to shelves on black Friday. The two shoes are partly made of suede, so they're monochrome, but not boring. ; Ride all star during Westbrook are not only known as Master, is for public welfare gave great love. The day before Westbrook opened the second Russell Westbrook book house, and he also with many kids reading comics, day Westbrook wearing a pair of red color Air Jordan 1, and it was unclear whether the shoes are Jordan Brand to create PE models for it, or a commercially available version, but in any case can see the new color so dazzling, is worth happy.The day before the network exposed a pair of deep in our memory of the shoes, this is the Jordan Brand in 2005 for Emnem to create the Air Jordan 4, with the blue jordan shoes online sale leather shoes to black modified details, and finally to black bottom show. In fact, the shoes are very familiar with you, but so close to the opportunity to appreciate is not much. It not only brings us back to that time, but also shows us the foresight of the brand and the excellent design thought.Designer Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) brand introduction:Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) is known as the minimalist aesthetic and concise lines. Minimalism always do not need to worry about their followers, but few designers like Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) such as an art and carefully study. Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) to hem pants, light as a feather coat, jacket and be well-known, far and near light. She put away all superfluous details, zipper and button was completely abandoned. Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) with the generation of folds of cloth wrapped the body, in the right place another clip, the oblique cutting to highlight lines. The color is more neutral, modern but not exaggerated.Many designers are seeking simplicity cut but all wrong, Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) simplicity is the most convincing. Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) clothing with perfect lines on the shoulder. Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ), was awarded the " women's daily Queen of Clean" in the title.Born in 1943 in Germany's Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) in Hamburg, ad jordans on sale mens ult, and textile engineering degree, in Hamburg from Hamburg, Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) once the short-term emigrated to the United States of Losangeles, and into the fashion magazine. In 1968, Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) finally opened the first personal boutique, and released Gil Sander / Gil SED in 1973 ( Jil Sander ) the first fashion show, but did not gain widespread praise. Later, Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) to Paris, will be the first to clothing to France, still did not resonate.Frustrated but not discouraged Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) to leave Paris to return to hamburg. Until the 80's, when the rise of Lssey Miyake and other Japanese major suit designers and new clothing line driven attention, Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) work finally began to attract attention, with Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) named one brand became popular, and was finally PRADA group under the nationalization. Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) two enter two, finally pass the baton to Belgium second generation of avant-garde fashion designer Raf Simons's hand, is already beyond 2005.In 2005 July, Ralph Simon ( Raf Simons ) joined the Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ), a Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) creative director. Winter 2006 Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) fashion show is Ralph Simon ( Raf Simons ) of the first show. Today Gil Sander / Jill San Cheap jordans online da ( Jil Sander ) brand, and in 90 by Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) I personally designed clothes are as different as heaven and hell. Raf Simons definition of Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) women, should be full of passion, emotion, advocate contracted. Spring / summer 2007 Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) clothing series, Simons pick up be trousers design, at a distance of other designers at the same time, provides more choices for women who love to wear a dress.The blue half sleeve working dress, scaly Sequin cocktail skirt, the back design. The blue strapless dress, bright yellow shirt with black satin skirt bright ... ... There is more that new skirt, Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) women's efforts to reduce the proportion of pants in the occupation installed in modern sense, the occupation dress more, let Gil and Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) women more close to the practical life of high grade female requirements.In addition, the new Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) women's re-positioning of the small suit lapel jacket smart, warm coats and all kinds of slightly loose, tight black pants assembly body single button cropped jacket, revealing the emerald shirt collar opening only in the neck opening, all trying to make dress looked away from the boring follow the same pattern. This season Gil Sander / Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ), in addition to the traditio cheap air jordans online nal black and white, yellow, blue, green, red and other large eye-catching color also shocked appearance, add more pleasure to the OL working time color.In 2012 February, designer Ralph Simon ( Raf Simons ) departure, Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander ) re-entered the brand as creative director.The Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) brand archives:English Name: Jil SanderChinese Name: Gil Sander / Jill SandaCountry: GermanyCreate age: 1973Created by: Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander )The current Designer: Jill Sanda ( Jil Sander )Products: Men's clothing, women's shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics??about Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander ) comments:" When I was young, I look around women, and that they should be elegant, elegant and more powerful" -- Gil Sander / Gil SED ( Jil Sander )" Her clothing is the best, a Jil Sander dress can make you put on ten years, and then leave it to your daughter. " -- American designer Lawrence Steele 2012-7-23 upload and download attachments at 15:49 (146.23, KB) Yamamoto Teruji (Yohji Yamamoto) in Adidas Y-3 Kazuhiri Sneakers launched a sub line of shoes, after the last launch celebrate the British Olympic color, the back once again bring new color, full leather fabric production, with shoes high cylinder equipped with hidden shoelace and elastic shoes, shoe side did not forget Yohji Yamamoto the shoes were also hot tongue imprint on Y-3 words, consists air jordan 11 space jam for sale of: Wine Red / gold, black / red, high-profile low-key two choice, now can be purchased at SSENSE. 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (105.34 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (106.26 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (107.42 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (137.18 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (151.63 KB) 2012-7-23 (15:49 upload and download attachments 138.34 KB 2012-7-23); 15:49 upload and download attachments (130.57 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (127.28 KB) 2012-7-23 15:49 upload and download attachments (161.59 KB) 2012-7-23 15:50 upload and download attachments (158.53 KB) from the Nike Basketball Independence "Day" series of shoes we have continued to report for a long time, do not believe that small talk more, you have to be the four paragraph of the soul? however, as a matter of course or to Porto tours ha ~ & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] just entered July, Nike opened a new round of market activity, in order to match Air Zoom series, the latest sale of the lightest running shoes Air Zoom Elite 8, Nike invited to rate the top 13 world-renowned athlete, shot a film called "only" fast "supreme" (Find Your Fast) advertisement video. In order to express "fast" feeling, the film records the athletes wearing Nike Zoom Air sneakers, intense process running in athletics, ball, bouncing motion picture. After Kobe Bryant? Bryant, Serena Williams, Wayne? Wayne Rooney, Nadal sports all-star lineup led by completing a beautiful predetermined operation, the camera slightly provocative to say "Do you want it as fast as I ? ", with a dynamic background music and fast-paced editing techniques, it seems people's blood boil. This 60-second ad film by the US creative studio Must Be Something bear shoot, they got a comedy talk show "David? Chappelle Show (Chappelles Show)" producer Neal Brennan as this Nike Series advertising director, do not think Brennan would only funny, he told how to mobilize quite an athlete's mood, after, Brennan has also worked for the Jordan brand photographed creative advertising. In this group of "only" fast "first" advertising film footage, several star athletes also gave an interview to explain the importance of the "fast" for the game. ? Has won 20 Grand Slam singles tennis champion Serena Williams (Serena Williams) in the film, said, "In tennis, the faster it means always appear in the desired position"; Olympic boxing ? Runner Marlene Esparza expression (Marlen Esparza) is even more direct: "Speed ??means victory." Interestingly, the film finally appeared in the cartoon "Bugs Bunny" (Looney tunes) in the role of BB bird, under the watchful eyes being robbed auction new Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, in fact, this animation People will also appear in the Nike "only" fast "first" in the next series of activities. From July 3 start, you can visit website will appear on top of an "eight-week training course run fast", the course Nike + Run Club trainer developed by that can provide you with Running professional guidance, while BB birds and more virtual cartoon characters will help you set the training program, you can also participate in online and offline reservation jogging activities. To August 30, all users can also take courses for a game - "You ran the fastest mile." Whether staging post new star product advertising, or the newly opened store experience, the business extended stores. Sporting goods market is facing fierce competition, Nike did not take it lightly, even though they had just harvested good News - June 26 morning, Nike released late fourth-quarter earnings, sales revenue and profit exceeded market expectations, which Revenue reached $ 7.78 billion, gross margin rate of 46.2%. However, faced with old rivals Adidas and New Balance, Under Armour and other market dark horse of the attack, the pace of development of Nike really want "a little faster (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)recently, Singapore SBTG teamed up with local custom shoes master shop Born & Raised, New Balance 996 launched the three party joint color "Bravo Romeo". Including the "Bravo Romeo section (about $299, limited 15 pairs) and" Bravo Romeo specialist "(about $525, limited to 5 double) two pairs of a customized version of are in military style as design material. At present, the series can be in the Born & Raised in Tangs Orchard; during the Limited store to buy. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! Source: sneakernewsChinese shoes Network October 16 hearing, adidas skateboarding's regional adidas Skateboarding today launched in October 2012 of the new single product, including the famous skaters Dennis Busenitz tribute Busenitz shoes, to commemorate the riders Mark Gonzales and the launch of Adi Ease, well-known skateboard shop Roger Skateboards launched in collaboration with adidas Skateboarding Ronan shoes; Busenitz which include brown leather shoes and a new color navy blue suede version, Adi Ease bright yellow to gray canvas lining simple design, while Ronan shoes in classic black and white. The three new products are available at New York's famous shoe DQM (