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2014-2015 NBA in the playoffs was raging, "Ginobili" said the Losangeles clippers guard Jamal Crawford gained their exclusive J.Crossover 2 playoff color shoes. Most of its shoes covered by all red, only the heel of the choice of gold Python pattern material to be modified, so that shoes overall highlight luxury beauty. In addition, the vamp mesh material and air vent also greatly reduce the weight of shoes, and without sacrificing excellent support and locking, to meet the performance requirements of Jamal, Crawford, such as changing, accelerating and other actions on the field. Currently, J.Crossover 2 "Playoff" PE will be sold exclusively at BAIT stores in San Francisco on April 26th, and fans who are interested should not miss it. Michael Jordan tribute; second championship rings, Jordan Brand Air Jordan last year; 6 champions, champions bring the same suit at the Air Jordan 7 type of shoes, the same scene to celebrate the essential theme of cigars and champagne.believes that many people are already looking forward to December, because there will be a black, red, Air, Jordan, XI engraved offering. Don't worry, we have to look at the GS version of the real right, the carbon plate inevitably shrink, specially designed box is not the same, this year engraved version of the Air Jordan Black Red Adult size XI is no longer attached to the same with the previous three double drawer shoebox, but plastic shoe still continues. The GS version will also be available on December. this new Nike SF-AF1 Mid "Triple jordan shoes online sale Ivory" in the country by ultra high attention, but the sale of China still needs to wait. compared to Nike, SF-AF1, the middle version of shoes removed Swoosh, joined the heel double zipper design, the whole pair of shoes to high-quality leather canvas fabric combination, are quite worthy of taste details. Nike SF-AF1 Mid "Triple Ivory" will be on sale in mid July, please look forward to it! Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 last time is October 2014, black and white color matching, carbon fiber details and blue bottom are still vivid. This year came to this pair of shoes available twentieth years, the first year of OG styling will return. The engraved Penny Hardaway "Olympic" color, new shoes will retain the original black nubuck leather uppers and the embellishment of white and silver details, blue crystal rubber outsole and carbon fiber details has also been reproduced. new Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 is now available through Oneness and other NSW designated store purchase, priced at $130 U.S. dollars, the limited number of sold out. March, St. Patrick's day will coming as scheduled, Adidas two flagship TS Supernatural and TS Creator basketball shoes Supernatural Commander have launched a special edition to commemorate this holiday. Adidas, Young, Guns and Adidas Mad Speed III these two middle end basketball shoes launch, also made the consumer have more choices. And Adidas especially for the anniversary of NBA60 products, this is a good memory of many people ignore the day. Now, let's show you the basketball flagship cheap air jordans product of Adidas in March. Happy St. Patrick's day. TS Supernatural Commander St Paddy's Day item: Retail Price: 1180 yuan / TS Supernatural Creator St Paddy's Day item: Retail Price: 1080 yuan / Top Ten 09 LE St Patrick's The in the year March 17th, is the famous "day", this festival is to commemorate St. patrick. The festival was born in Ireland in the late fifth Century, and the United States began its celebration in March 17, 1737. The reason that dates back to 432 A.D., St. Patrick sent by the Pope to Ireland to persuade the Irish people to christianity. When he came ashore from Wiklo, the angry heathen tried to kill him with stones. But Patrick Linweibuju, immediately picked a clover, to explain the image of father, son and holy three-in-one. His eloquent speech to the Irish people deeply moved, accept the grand baptism. In March 17th 493, St. Patrick's death, Irish people to commemorate him, the day as st.. In fact, the importance of the festival is very important to Westerners, especially Americans, even less than christmas.Neform a l a s izgl t att st bas bas biedr h BA Soli PA SoLIM? "Sadarb B a ar R gas Domes Labkl bas Departamentu a J 2014.gad a realiz Ja projektu? Superv zijas VEC a Kiem, soci a lajiem darbiniekiem UN pedagogiem, K ar R. Gas Pa? Vald soci pakalpojumu vizualiz bas a lo a cija- II Projekta ietvaros Tika organiz". TAS piecas Superv zijas Kur, a s VEC a Kiem pedagogiem,GOT DENTAL? Northwest, Ohio's, only, independent, non-profit, dental, office. Celebrating 105, years, Cheap air jordans for sale of, Service, ! in KITH held in New York's first Runway Show conference, "KITHLAND" in the exposure, designers Ronnie Fieg and Japanese street brand A Bathing Ape's new joint planning also officially unveiled. In the name of "Fiegsta", both sides choose classical Bapesta as the blueprint, using high-grade white sand suede leather and Handmade in Portugal, and the "Bapesta" and "Fiegsta Logo" embellishment on the tongue and heel around. OFF-WHITE C/O VIRGIL ABLOH earlier release of women's shoes after the recent brand issued a "men's" "Diagonals" series of new shoes. As the name suggests, this design uses the brand logo of deceleration zone pattern as the theme, a total release of black and white, black, white and other color camouflage styles for the election, the main material covered in leather, shoe heel to add "OFF" logo, and the concern is that it is used to color camouflage oil paint and full street texture. It is reported that this series of shoes will be released early next year, priced at $399. 〈br off="" white="" brand="" shoes="" have="" 2016.〈br="" [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] the world's third largest sporting goods company Puma bet on green living trend, announced the next year to launch a series of biodegradable and recycled products, aiming to contribute to the environmental protection for the remainder, to explore business opportunities in this manner, narrowed The performance gap with rivals, but also with the parent company PPR in recent years, stressing that "sp Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale orts and lifestyle," the direction of development. Puma has all along been committed to the production process to reduce the damage caused to the environment, has been praised as a green business representatives of the United Nations, this time to launch a green series consists of 22 new products, including sports shoes, shirts, plastic track jackets and backpacks, All products can be decomposed or recycled. In sports shoes, for example, the product is a biodegradable plastic, organic cotton and linen caused material after crushing machine handle, can be turned into fertilizer for six months to nine months later, add nutrients to the soil. Small New durable environmental damage Chief Executive Officer The company Koch (Franz Koch) does not deny that, management believes that the trend of green living, decided to contribute to the world, is also optimistic about these new environmentally friendly products to attract clients, stimulate performance gains, and emphasis on product Durability will not decrease. Although expensive for the world's three major sports giant enterprises, 2007 was owned Gucci and other famous French luxury goods group PPR later reverted to its more powerful is eligible for backup, but regardless of market capitalization, revenue and profit calculation, Puma all significantly behind rivals Nike and Adidas, therefore, if the company bet on the success of this time, the future or be able to narrow the gap. In addition to the introduction of new products, Puma also introduced new measur cheap jordans es to begin a measure of economic damage every product on the environment, long-term or the formation of a system, such as food labeling, prompting consumers to choose more environmentally friendly products. The company temporarily survey found that the production of a biodegradable T-shirt, it will cause environmental costs 2.36 euros, compared with the traditional T-shirt 3.42 euros damage, nearly one-third less. In addition, compared with ordinary sports shoes, the production of 100,000 pairs of biodegradable sneakers, will only result in 12 trucks of waste, far less than the former 31 garbage trucks, indicating that the new product is indeed great for environmental conservation benefit. batch of synthetic material tax untimely Faced with higher selling prices of new allegations, Puma main ????? (Jochen Zeitz) countered, referring to the government about the price of all because of the tariff levied on the synthetic material is too high, ranging from 20-37 percent, far higher than If the company, also known as common when manufacturing sports shoes, to fully replace synthetic leather material, it is required to pay an additional 3.4 million euros per year tariff; leather approximately 3% of the tariff. Seitz added that the Government has imposed tariff is not only outdated synthetic materials, green businesses, but also a "reasonable punishment" and criticized the authorities not only support, but set down obstacles impede green Enterprise Development. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)This is probably the basketball star Michael · a "cap in Jordan's life the longest". is different from the past, not the basket blocks under the opponent, but Chinese sports brand Jordan sports. In December 8th, the Supreme People's Court on the "Jordan" trademark dispute series of administrative dispute case open verdict, the disputed trademark "Jordan" registered damage Michael · Jordan's first name right, violation of trademark law, should be revoked. from 2012 for the first time to apply now, the trademark tug of war has lasted 4 years. Basketball has been carrying the memory of several generations of the international basketball star, in his "name" rights on the road is not smooth, he targeted Jordan sports against its name right of litigation has been repeatedly rejected. After the verdict, Jordan himself through the media statement said "very pleased to see the Supreme People's court approved my own name right protection." Although Jordan had been denied sports on the "Jordan" brand names and trademarks of the reference, but this does not change the "tort" image. The brand once rely on air Jordan fame to open the domestic market, among the forefront of domestic sports brand. Today, the latest verdict would make Jordan sports also because "Jordan" was in a dilemma. and Jordan see the sign of the Jordan sports and products, whether you have a moment that, there is a link between the brand and another associated with Jordan brand "Air Jordan"? Perhaps this is what Jordan want to achieve the effect of sports. " Air Jordan" (air) is the Nike company in 1985 won the basketball plates authorized brands introduced at that time has emerged Michael · Jordan's name. Thanks to the outstanding performance in the game, Jordan opened in 90s 80 of the last century, decades of legendary career, become the leading international basketball star basketball history. Air Jordan is the namesake brand, with Jordan's personal reputation with the rapid rise of. Jordan sports story began in 2000, Fujian Jinjiang started Ding Guoxiong, the original collective ownership of the daily necessities factory restructuring, change to Jordan Sports Goods Co. Ltd., and in 2001 to apply for registration of the "athletes left dribble" athlete silhouette mark, Jordan jump dunk silhouette with the Air Jordan trademark products very similar. Indeed walking behavior for Jordan sports saves a lot of promotion expenses. In the domestic sports brand barbaric growth era, brand image should be established from the tight encirclement and break hard, compared to competitors have to throw money title race, Jordan sports by Michael · Jordan in the East, at the starting line on a step earlier than others. but Jordan sports to enjoy the benefits, risks also bear the risks will erupt at any time. In addition to the appearance of the product and Air Jor〉 nearest friends must look at "Chinese" with hip hop, cute black bubble Pro knows it and South Korea show very similar ~The name of Show Me The "Money" . known as the "South Korea comic contest" ~ today Xiaobian science "give me money" in the 90 - producer Zico! - file - Name / Zico (Yu Zhihao ) Instagram / @woozico0914 Nationality / South Korea Birth Date / 1992.9.14 Height / 182cm # underground rapper who love beans # as early as a teenager in the underground started underground rapper's life ~ now good brother Winner Song Minhao was then saved friendship (Ji) (Qing) ~. is only 25 years old this year, the chicken buckle music strength can not be underestimated, give me the money he had done 4 tutor, in the sixth quarter, once again return to ~ and Dean together to form a new mentor lineup, really brighten. Zico & DEAN but everyone seems to care more about Shirley's ex boyfriend Cui Zi and rumored boyfriend Zico with a sense of the picture ~ right 3,4: Cui Zi & Zico yesterday issued Zico solo mini album "TELEVISION", small knock listened to feel the best ~ you? # is the producer, is the influx of coffee, or designer # has a unique view in the field of music chicken buckle, also have what you want to express the trend of ~ regardless of stage equipment, or servers, the most popular single product all can see in the chicken buckle ~ may be seriously Virgo traits, let his collocation is very difficult to find bug~ Supreme LV: print jacket : Air Jordan shoes 1 OG "Shattered Backboard " jacket, pants: PALACE: 99%IS- CTW CA | hat Yokosuka shirt : Supreme Nike Air shoes Max 98 BLACK : Gosha Rubchinskiy | sweater shoes: converseChuck Ta〉