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The end of the sale Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 11Low summer sale low, has become the Jordan Brand convention. In the summer of 2015, the classic black and Red Bulls "Bred" color Air Jordan 11Low will sign a low shoe type. Black mesh fabric and black patent leather composed of uppers, collocation of white and red crystal outsole, will bring fresh ruddy cyclone in the summer of next year. come home to participate in the official website of the forum dunk "levy to win NIKE ELITE basketball socks"! Every hour a pair of socks sent afraid to grab! More sports trend of consulting welcome WeChat micro-blog search: dunkhome, interactive and guessing beauty Xiaobian oh ~~source: sneakerbardetroit, modern-notorietylink:, about Air Jordan 11 "72-10" more physical pictures and top foot real shots. Jordan Brand has made a great adjustment on the Air Jordan 11 shoe type, trying a new style, replacing fashion sense with fashion sense, using the new material and detail handling methods, bringing a new "72-10" match on the basis of Air Jordan 11 shoe type.No Nike Air Max as the family brother Air Max 1 and a pair of new color app Cheap foamposites for sale ear in front of us, the Israeli designer green and grey with a vamp, lining and the bottom is the use of lavender modification, for us to create color at the strong, bold color collocation, make people think Nike special skills. It is reported that the shoes will be sold in the near future, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it.Perhaps the "hairless heroes" has become our sight villaneuva marginal figures, but this does not mean that his life will be the same with us ordinary people, in the offseason he successfully and Dallas contract, signed a salary contract, when we have forgotten gradually this biographical sketch, recently he sun by Instagram a shocking picture of Sneaker, seen from the figure to his house many of the shoes, and he lay in a pair of shoes, and has the word "shoes genesis · · · slipped into," Hey people really envy ah.hungry belly do exercise hungry belly exercise is not conducive to health, your body needs energy to ensure that the operation. Some healthy snacks, such as oatmeal or bananas can in the drive to the gym on the way I digested, and to provide the extra energy required for your next move. This is particularly important in the morning exercise, because after one night, your st Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale omach is empty, the heat has been consumed. You need to add fuel to it and let it start again. The movement to sweat many people like moving out in a sweat, seems to be the only sweat to feel the full exercise, but the effect will not, will only let you too much exercise, lose a lot of water, resulting in cramps, water shortages and other sports injuries. Therefore, once the movement in the sweating, should be timely and appropriate to add water to adjust the intensity, rest a few minutes and drink two saliva. to read without thorough understandingWhen goes to the gym, it doesn't do you any good to pretend to know anything. For a newcomer who those gym, one of the worst habit is to patrol the gym a circle, according to the appearance of the people around trying to do. There are usually a few coaches in the gym. When you're new to a fitness class, you have any discomfort or doubt that your body will benefit from it. only choose a sport a lot of people like to do only one kind of sports, such as running or riding a stationary bike, think that as long as the long-term adherence will be able to effect. In fact, a comprehensive exercise requires several sports with. Strength training can help you maintain muscle shape and delay because of the age of muscle Retro jordans for sale relaxation, so it's best to have combination of aerobic exercise and weight training, "running, play basketball, sit ups, weightlifting to try." side turn the magazine to exercise some people often while riding a bicycle while flipping through a magazine, think it can be fully relaxed. To know that one can not use two, read the magazine means that you can not pay attention to the exercise you do at the same time. If you don't have to do something else, so that the exercise is not so boring, you can listen to music, because it does not need to focus attention on reading. source: fitnesNike Air Max Flyposite "Megatron" physical exposure 2013-12-08 22:42:14, I believe you are not unfamiliar with Nike Air Max Flyposite, the most fit pair of improved version of the shoes, will be strong technology content into a pair of shoes. I believe that friends on the classic Nike Zoom Flyposite Rugby shoes will not be unfamiliar, on its basis, with full palm Air Max replace Zoom technology. The color purple blue grid shaped upper gradient Foamposite material is very powerful, with blue purple toe outline huge Swoosh very eye-catching, followed by the "81" details of this shoe is dedicated to the Detroit lions Calvin · Johnson, the enjoy NFL "Megatron" said recei cheap foamposites ver create.HUF 1984 "Woodland Camo" physical appreciation of 2013-12-08 23:00:14, we have brought the brand HUF shoes series of new products in 2013. We brought one of the eye-catching new camouflage products for everyone. This HUF 1984 "Woodland Camo" uses the now popular army camouflage construction, shoes side loaded with black "H" logo, the shoes are very fashionable feeling. In addition to the famous trend of cannabis leaves, HUF shoes this season is also worth looking forward to!Beijing time February 27th, 2012 NBA all star weekend's competition finally started, finally the West Star team defeated the Eastern Star team by 152-149, Durant was elected the all star MVP. The shoes at the feet of all the stars on the field are also a great deal. Let's enjoy it together. (Editor: Chang fan)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas "strategic shift" Shanghai will have to face a number of OEM garment enterprises to upgrade. Reporters learned yesterday, adidas recent positive speed cleanup domestic foundries, and has been determined to gradually lift the domestic part of the foundries foundry agreement in October this year to April next year, the termination of cooperation. labor cost advantage is the main cause of the loss of "Because you Cheap foamposites for sale are optimizing global sourcing infrastructure, a total of 10 supplier partners have received on our Legal notice to terminate the contract." Adidas China commissioned Ogilvy Public Relations yesterday in reply to reporters the case said. As for why so abolished its suppliers grow together, Adidas said yesterday only that some of the suppliers will provide appropriate advice to help in the communication plan and transition work. Yesterday, the news also from the part of the garment processing enterprises in Shanghai confirmed. "In May this year, including our company, including 10 Adidas Chinese foundries had received a copy of the contents of the same notification. Notification display, terminate cooperation with these foundries between October to April next year will be held this year, Adidas . "Man Long Shanghai Textile Co. Ltd, says with exasperation. Shanghai Tung Lung down products Co., Ltd. as one of the termination of this cooperation is the foundry business, the relevant person in charge yesterday also admitted to reporters, including East Long, including four foundries will indeed receive Adidas October of this year's notice to terminate the contract. "Adidas has long been in preparation, the gradual transfer of production capacity." Tung Lung official said, at present, Adidas has transferred part of the production to Southeast Asian countries. It is understood that Adidas is located in Cambodia factory workers traced the minimum monthly salary is about $ 130, converted into yuan less than 900 yuan. Adidas orders accounted for 30 percent of total capacity on Haishengfeida Clothing Co. also suffered "was parked alone" in a responsible person Lily told reporters, "Adi will certainly gradually moving production overseas because Chinese labor costs increase year by year. "She said, Adidas in the company's annual orders of about 500,000 -60 ten thousand, wages have now risen to 3,000 yuan. close Adidas Insiders said, garment processing has always been extremely sensitive to the price of the industry, with factories in China with processing experience and scale up, as well as various aspects of the cost. In contrast, some Southeast Asian countries in terms of production costs have more impact. "With the Chinese production costs, especially labor costs rise, Adidas made in China will be able to transfer out of the trend is inevitable." processing enterprises are facing restructuring and upgrading Adidas may be looking for lower-cost foundry and to walk away, but was forced to "starvation" of Chinese foundry was caught in a quandary. It is reported that in the termination of the contract foundries, some factories are dependent on 100% capacity Adidas, basically no contact with other clients, if no new orders for the short term, only the relevant plant road. In fact, since the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has been gradually moving out. Previously, there have been involved in home appliances, electronics, building materials, toys, food and other industries of the number 10 multinational factories in China shut down or transferred. As a result, more and more weak in the context of cost advantages, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The industry believes that, along with the sustained economic development, population, resources and environment have undergone significant changes, no longer the continuation of low-cost advantage. The domestic foundry If you can not take this opportunity to transition success, they are bound to face a ferocious collapse crisis. "There are more and more into question the survival of the foundry business, was forced to seek transformation, especially in the transition to the production of its own brand." Vice President of Shanghai Garment Industry Association, said Li Yifeng, from clothing brands and processing distribution of benefits, the brand side at least more than 60%. And in China, profits and general OEM brand can be the difference between a 5-fold or more. "However, although profits to create their own clothing brand is very impressive, but some international brands for many years to do OEM business, create their own brand is not easy." Li Yifeng also said that China's current market and financial services sector supporting not standardized, and social capital is difficult with these enterprises effective docking. Shanghai Adidas a foundry business executives yesterday in an interview with reporters, also admitted that the creation of their own brands not only have manufacturing strength, have to have the economic strength, this can not be an overnight thing. "A brand building is not the same with the factory, it may take 3--5 years, or even longer, but as a business in the transition process often encounter various problems such as my chain enough money, my money perhaps. It can support two and a half, and even three years, but may be sent last few months so that this time there will be concerns "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre).